Our very special Unicorn pieces add a touch of distinction to what’s on offer at Acorn.

At Acorn we work with small independent designers and silversmiths. Often we will find a piece of jewellery that is a ‘one off’. A piece of jewellery can be a ‘one off’ for various reasons, for example, the designer has made a few trial pieces before deciding which to expand into a collection. Often a gemstone is used which cannot be replicated as it is one of a kind. Sometimes we’ve just been inspired to make a very special piece of jewellery which we will not make again.

We call these our ‘Unicorn Pieces’ because they are rare, special and utterly fabulous. If a piece of jewellery is marked as a Unicorn Piece it means that we will not be replicating it in the near future.

Our ‘Unicorn Pieces’ are not adjustable to fit. For example a ring will not be able to be made bigger or smaller. If you are fortunate enough to discover a ‘Unicorn Piece’ on our website, treasure it always as we firmly believe that it was intended for you!