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Known in Hindu as Ratnaraj or ‘The King of Gems’, Ruby has long been revered as a powerful gemstone. We love Ruby for her beautiful and eye catching colour along with the myths and legends associated with this wonderful gemstone. Taken from the Latin word for red, ‘ruber’, this wonderful gemstone is reputed to have healing powers and is known to calm the temper. A protective stone, legend tells that ruby protects the wearer from negative energy and promotes vitality and wellness.

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Having been given the honour of the birthstone for July, Rubies have long been associated with blood and life force . Associated with the heart chakra they are thought to bring good fortune and aid with inflammatory diseases. They are said to make a warrior fierce in battle and Burmese soldiers believed that to wear a Ruby on their left would make them invincible . Chinese noblemen adorned their armour with Ruby as they believed it would make them unconquerable.

Five rubies feature in the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom although the centre gemstone called ‘The Black Prince’s Ruby’ is actually a red spinel. Rubies also star in Queen Victoria’s Coronation Ring which was made for her coronation in 1838. Inspired by the ring made for her uncle, William IV, Queen Victoria’s Coronation Ring comprises an octagonal step cut Sapphire set in gold with four oblong rubies and one square ruby set in gold strips to form a cross. A border of twenty round brilliant diamonds encircle the Sapphire and Ruby centre, all set in silver collets. Round Brilliant Diamonds also decorate the band or shank of the ring.

Celebration and Meaning

Known as the traditional gemstone for a 40th Wedding Anniversary, we have also has people choose Rubies for their Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings and more recently for 40th birthdays. It is also the gemstone of success, particularly in matters of the heart. Revered as a passionate gemstone, Ruby is also a wonderful ring to treat yourself to after attaining a goal or promotion at work.


Part of the corundum family, the same gemstone family as Sapphire, Ruby can command the highest price per carat of any coloured gemstone. The mineral corundum is colourless in it’s purest form. ‘The Ruby Red’ is caused by the presence of chromium. The strength of the red in a ruby depends on how much chromium is present.

Image courtesy of the Gemmological Institute of America

Gemstone Care

Ruby is second in hardness only to diamond which makes it an excellent choice for Engagement, Wedding, Eternity and Anniversary Rings which are traditionally worn every day.

Our Ruby Rings can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually ok to use but we recommend getting to know your jewellery through cleaning it by hand. Caring for your jewellery in this way means you are used to how it looks and feels and you’re more likely to notice a knock or scrape that may need attention. If you’re ever unsure or need advice on cleaning your jewellery then Contact Us and we can help.

Image Courtesy of The Gemmological Institute of America

Why we love Ruby…

Personally, my attraction to Ruby as a gemstone is stronger now than when I was younger. I’m drawn to the mystery of the gemstone as well as it’s beautiful colour. I remember playing a game when I was younger and one of the characters had a huge ruby ring, I absolutely loved the idea of such a vibrant gemstone and from then on I thought of Ruby as a ‘grown up’ gemstone. The great news is that I’m officially a grown -up now (!) so ruby is starting to become a draw for me. I always think it’s such a romantic and passionate gemstone with just a little hint of mystery…

Adam and I are always looking for unique and exciting designs and our Ruby collection is simply stunning ( if I do say so myself!). We set rubies in many different metals including Platinum and Gold. We often accent our Ruby Rings with diamonds to encourage the sparkle of the Ruby.

Do make an appointment to come and see our wonderful collection of Ruby rings, from the traditional to the contemporary . It’s easy to fall in love with this romantic gemstone. Contact Us to begin your own Ruby Love Story at Acorn Jewellers.

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