Rapunzel’s Tower Brooch


Rapunzel,Rapunzel,let down your hair…

This beautiful silver brooch is inspired by the fairytale of Rapunzel, proof if needed that a good hair day can change your fortune for life …!

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Based on the beautiful fairytale ‘Rapunzel’ , this fabulous brooch has been crafted from silver and hallmarked in Birmingham. Featuring a special secret door marked with a red enamel heart which opens to reveal Rapunzel’s comb (a must for every Princess) engraved inside, this adorable brooch also hides Rapunzel’s hair which is engraved on the reverse.

For all inspiring Princesses and fans of turrety things, this brooch is a must! Approximate length measurement from the top of the turret to the bottom of the castle is 5cm/2″. Please note, we have used a dark filter on the image with the open door to enable you to see the engraved comb. Thought we’d let you know!


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