Nomination Classic Silvershine Dog Charm 330109/06


Nomination Classic Silvershine Dog Charm 330109/06

For all you Dog lovers (I include myself), this stainless steel charm features black enamel lhighlights.

This is clear, eye catching and the perfect gift for a beloved one who loves their dog.

My dog Gandalf bought me mine, he’s very generous!

#Treats aren’t just for Dogs…

Something to keep, love and cherish forever…

– Silvershine
– Animals
– Enamel Highlights

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Nomination Classic Silvershine Dog Charm 330109/06

Nomination Composable Bracelets

If you are new to Nomination you will need to purchase a composable base bracelet. Most people start collecting with the Silvershine Starter Bracelet then as your collection grows you may choose to be a Nomination connoisseur and choose a Coloured Starter Bracelet for example Gold Finish, Rose Gold finish, Blue, Black or Gun Metal Grey.

You can then theme each bracelet for example¬†‚ÄėFamily‚Äô¬†or¬†‚ÄėHolidays and places I‚Äôve been‚Äô. Each time you buy a decorated link you replace one base link in your bracelet, you keep each base link safe until eventually you have enough base links to create a new bracelet then you can start a new theme and stacking your bracelets!

If you already have a base bracelet the world is your oyster! If you are looking for a gift everyone loves a heart charm! There is sooo much choice!

Choose to personalise your bracelet with your initials, perhaps your star sign or birth stone. Then your favourite hobbies for example sports, music, drinking cocktails! Perhaps you have Pets, a cute paw print? or a favourite colour as a theme. I love nature themed bracelets with favourite animals, flowers, bees, and interspersed with coloured stones.

Places you have been also creates a fabulous bracelet of memories especially if you think outside the box for example popular charms for the peak district are the silver sheep charm and perhaps a gold slice of cake with a cherry for Bakewell! I also love to collect the flags of where I’ve visited and locations like Stonehenge or the Statue of Liberty.

Made of many stainless steel links decorated with Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and gemstones, that are connected with an innovative spring mechanism, the bracelet is customisable with the addition of new decorated links chosen by you.
When you buy a Nomination charm, you can add it to your bracelet by using Nomination’s hooking technique. Pull the ends of your bracelet apart to reveal the ends of each link. It takes some getting used to, but with practise the links can be easily attached and rearranged to make your bracelet fit perfectly and be completely unique to you!

Check out more unique and unusual jewellery at our award winning sister shop Adorn Jewellers of Chesterfield

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